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MorningStar Graphics

The extraordinary physics sustaining the universe calls upon our need to understand the intelligent design in relation to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, the Triune maker of heaven and earth. MorningStar Graphics is committed to using scriptural imagery, textual material and internet links to relevant websites to confirm the truth of Creation.


Unlike the Evolutionist who believes we came by chance, we promote not just Creation, but the One true Creator that scripture supports to be the Lord Jesus Christ.

We hope to enlighten all people of any faith that if they missed the "who" behind the Creation of the Universe and all that is within it, they will have a difficult if not impossible time in understanding the "who" behind the Old and New Testaments – and for that matter, the whole of Christianity itself.

Faith in God can be documented historically, archeologically and scientifically. Most importantly, as there is one universe and one earth, there could only be one God who has perfect understanding and purpose. All one has to be is open to the possibilities of an eternal all knowing and loving Creator, and the evidence will speak for itself.


MorningStar Graphics is a small Christian community of Graphic Artists with vision for the inspired expression for Creation, the Heavens, and Scripture. We labor together to bring imagery that glorifies the One true God of all creation and make Him known through His magnificent Works. We strive to accomplish this through computer graphics, murals and paintings. We hope to provide not only excitement for the Body of Christ, but confidence through knowledge and giving new insight to promote not only Creation, but the Author of all Creation.


We hear a lot today about youth, with the 21st Century technology, that they are on a rampage of indifference and "whatever" about truth, morals, values and belief systems. However, we still have a loving God who will reach them by any means possible. Together through prayer and action, we can do tremendous things for the Kingdom of God and take back the territory that Satan has snatched from our Youth, Schools, and World. If you or your youth group are looking for ideas in sharing the Gospel through the logo E=mJC3TM, please contact us.


We are under the covering of North Park Christian Fellowship in San Diego, Ca… affiliated through Calvary Chapel. This work is for the Body of Christ to promote in obedience to ‘The Great Commission’ (Matt 28:18-19). Ways in which to accomplish this would be to allow any church or ministry to sponsor our images on local or national ad campaigns that would use our images along with EmJC3.com. Your church could also place your website and church services along with the advertisement. If you or your church are looking for a way to promote the God of all Creation, please contact us.

In the Cause for the Lost,

MorningStar Graphics
2 Peter 1:19 E=mJC3
Eternity is the Master Jesus Christ, God in Three Persons