Hell Part One – Why Christians Talk About it!

Keith Mason

Many people think that Christians are judgmental and insensitive (to put it politely) when they talk about hell. This is completely untrue. Let me explain why: The Bible – a provable book, by the way – teaches that the only way people get into heaven is by accepting Jesus as their Savior, everybody else goes to hell. It is important to realize that the hell-doctrine is not “our” belief or “our” message, it didn’t originate with us and we have no authority to change it. It is what Holy Scriptures teach. Christians do not want anybody to go to a place of “weeping and gnashing of teeth,” of “everlasting punishment” in “outer darkness” forever, so they warn people about it in the hopes that they’ll accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. It is vital to the preaching of the gospel that men and women be warned of the consequences of their sin – yes, you and I are sinners. Before people will accept the cure (Jesus) they need to know the result of the disease (hell).

Fear is a good motivator. It is why I came to the Lord. Furthermore, I personally conducted a survey at my church’s men’s-study. Most of them – 75% – accepted Christ because they didn’t want to end up in hell. This is confirmed statistically, too: L. E. Maxwell, Bible teacher and Principal at Prairie Bible Institute, asked his students why they came to Jesus. “Out of 2,507 students, sixty-five percent were moved by fear, and only six percent were moved by love. The remaining twenty-nine percent [either] came with another motive or couldn’t remember why they came to the Savior.”1 Similarly, Isaac Watts said that not “one person in the whole course of [his] ministry” was there because of “God’s goodness,” rather they were there because they had been awakened to “the wrath to come by the passion of fear.”2 People won’t let go of their sin unless they have a reason to, and hell is a pretty good reason.

We aren’t judging you either. We are simply telling you that God has (not we Christians) judged you already (he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. John 3:18), and that the only way to escape God’s judgement is to repent and accept Christ (Luke 13:3, John 3:16).

Nor are we insensitive jerks. If a blind man were walking towards a cliff, wouldn’t you warn him? I would. If your neighbor’s house was on fire and you knew he was asleep inside wouldn’t you try and wake him up? I would. When Christians speak about hell they are simply trying to warn the blind guy or the neighbor of what will happen if they don’t repent and accept Christ.

Eternity in hell isn’t something we made up. Believe me, it gives us no pleasure to tell people their destined to go there, but it’s what the Bible teaches.

For evidence the Bible is true see: www.BibleProofBook.com. You can prove it. We can be more than 99.999 percent sure that the Bible is true.

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