This website deals almost exclusively with providing Scientific, Empirical, Archeological, and Prophetic evidence demonstrating that the Christian Bible and religion are true.
As I say in one of my articles: We often hear statements such as, “religious belief is a matter of faith, not something that can be proven.” While this may be true of other religions, you CAN prove that the Bible is true. What frustrates me immensely is that Christians should know this – be taught and learn this – but most of them are unaware you can prove the Bible, so the “you can’t prove it” perception persists.

Are You Good Enough To Go To Heaven
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Christianity Is Not Merely A ‘Belief’ It Is A FACT - You Can Prove it
Keith Mason

Why the Bible is 100% correct in its predictions
Keith Mason

Various short apologetic (defending Christianity) or evangelistic articles,
Many can be used as tracts.

Hell Part One - Why Christians Talk About It
Keith Mason

Hell Part Two – A Description Of It
Keith Mason

(science, prophecy, archeology, manuscript evidence, and more)
Evidence a lawyer could use to prove the Bible was true
Bible Proof Book-- Keith Mason

Beyond Blind Faith - by Paul Little: Answers "If God Exists, Who is He?"

Disproving Evolution in Under 1000 Words

Evolution Defined & Refuted - K.Mason

The difference between Micro- and Macro-Evolution

Armageddon, The Last Days, Islam and the nuclear threat-- K. Mason
One in 5 people think the world will end within their lifetime.
Half of all Americans think the U.S. won't exist in 100 years

To view all the prophecies Jesus fulfilled

Greg Laurie: How to know God

Video clips regarding the Iranian nuclear threat

Brigitte Gabriel speeks about the threat of Iran's President Ahmadinejad

Obsession The Movie - Radical Islam's goal of world domination

Brigitte Gabriel answers some very important questions about Islam

Islam will dominate the world via birthrate alone

More from The Movie Obsession (I highly recommend getting this DVD)
The War Against The West

Truth afferming Booklets From RBC Ministries

Does God Grade On A Curve? (Think you'll make it to heaven
because your not as bad as the other guy - sorry, think again)

Who is this man who says he's God?
Evidence Supporting Biblical Truth

Why Does It Make Sense To Believe In Christ?
Evidence Jesus is God's Son: The only way to Heaven

What Does The Bible Say About Hell?
The Destination For Everyone Who Isn't Saved

What Does The Bible Say About Heaven?
The Destination For Everyone Who Has Accepted Jesus As Savior

The Da Vinci Code: Separating Fact From Fiction

"If Darwinism is true, then there is no purpose or meaning to life, there is no morality, there's no qualitative difference between humans and animals, there's no life after death, and there's no purpose to human history. Now, are you trying to tell me that it doesn't really matter if people believe we evolved or not?" -Greg Koukl.
Evolution Defined & Examined - K.Mason

Evolution & Biblical Authority - K.Mason

Survival of the Fakest - Jonathan Wells

Is Evolution Ready To Take Over Christianity? -Harrub, Ph.D.

You can contact me, Author, Webmaster, Bible Scholar, Keith Mason at

Science Afferming Truths Supporting The Bible
Plus Evidence For Biblical Creation (vs Evolution)
Evidence for God in a Scientific Age
A sister site to this one

A great website answering many Biblical questions -

Finding God

Is there a reasonable amount of evidence the Bible is true, or is Christianity based on blind faith?

Evidence For The Resurrection by Josh McDowell: Word document

False Theories Against the Resurrection of Christ

Evidence that Jesus Christ is the Son of God! from 100

Prophecy confirms the Bible's truth!

To understand how & why prophecy works see the
prophecy section of 'Proof The Bible Is True' by Keith Mason

Real people, real places - Evidence from Archaeology!

Historical evidence outside the Bible

Major Archaeological Finds relating to the New Testament

Are the New Testament Documents Reliable? F F Bruce.

Bones, Stones, and the Scriptures:
Has Archaeology Helped or Hurt the Bible?

How do we know the Bible is true - Christian-Answers-Net?

Contrasting Christianity and Islam -- FaithFacts

Interview with former athiest Lee Strobel:
he became a Christian after throughly investigating
the historical evidence for two years.

The Agony of Love - A physician's look at the crucifixion
Mark Eastman, MD

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