Theology: - A Latin word that means "Study of God."
Science: - A Latin word that means "knowledge."

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Quotes from Albert Einstein

(Sign hanging in Einstein's office at Princeton)
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Einstein has been a challenge for atheists who cannot accept that such a modern genius would believe in a Creator. Some have resorted to his statement that he believed in "Spinoza's God" to neutralize that possibility. In fact some have stated that Einstein only believed in "nature," or that Einstein used the term "God" as a metaphor rather than a reality.

By believing in Spinoza's God, Einstein is clearly refuting the idea of a "personal" God, in the Judeo-Christian tradition. He, consequently, did not embrace the belief that the Creator sits on a throne in Heaven having a body and human-like features, nor did he believe that God had any reward or punishment in store for humans. Yet, he did believe in a conscious, powerful, intelligent, good Being who manifests His greatness within His creation. Understanding this great Being, he stated, was the driving force behind his scientific search.

The Teleological Argument. “Teleology” has reference to purpose or design.
Everewhere you look there is design in the universe - Is there a God who designed it?

A Ready Defense by Josh McDowell

Is their a resonable amount of evidence the Bible is true,
or is Christianity based on blind faith?

Evidence for a young world

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Evidence for a young world

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