The Resurrection on Trial
This details some of the best evidence you will
hear that supports why the Bible is true (60 min).
There is more evidence that Jesus rose from the dead,
than there is that Alexander The Great ever lived.
See also Evidence proving the Bible true - Josh McDowell


Jesus Under Fire
J.P. Moreland Speaks of evidence the Bible
is true using various non-Biblical sources.


Answers in Genesis
EmJC3 recommends:
Young Earth–It's Not the Issue–Ham
Creation Evangelism (Pt. 1)–Ham
Creation Evangelism (Pt. 2)–Ham
Conversion of An Evolutionist (Pt. 1)–Whitcomb
Rocks, Fossils & the Age of the Earth–Sarfati
Conversion of An Evolutionist (Pt. 2)–Whitcomb


More then a Carpenter
Explore the truth in this man they call Jesus - Josh McDowell (57 min).
More evidence explaining why the Bible is true.


To Hell and Back
Is Hell a real place, is there emperical evidence it exists.
Dr. Maurice Rawlings explores our life after death (88 min).
(if you would rather read about it rather then listen to the audio, click here)


Can we really trust the Bible - Ken Ham
Another great teaching from Ken Ham

Greg Laurie: How To Effectively Share Your Faith
see also How Can I Share My Faith Without an Argument?


The Jesus Video
In English (broadband)

The Jesus Video
Other languages, or English narrow band


A Lot of good links from MasterWork Media